Does your business have a "mission control" when someone yells, "Houston, we have a problem"?

Make sure you have the brain chosen before you install the nervous system

Industrial Internet of Things Platform

IoT Telemetry and Analytics

Data is the new oil, or that is what they keep saying. Every business owner today needs to have the most critical and pertinent data avaiable at their fingertips regarding their business. Regardless if that data is being fed from accounting systems, ERP systems, your e-commerce storefront or the manufacturing lines that crank out your product.


No reach too far, no datapoint left unscrutinized. FliiteControl™ provides a true command and control system. With the addition of powerful artificial intelligence capabilities provided by TensorFlow™ or an assortment of other leading AI frameworks, we can transform your business operations.


From Subsurface to Space, FliiteControl™ for Telemetry

Connecting your Industrial IoT dots around the world with best of class, networking. From low power networking with LPWan and Lora technology or earth circling cubesats that also speak LoraWAN. Fliite can control and receive information from around the globe with the widest range of cost effective sensor technology on the market today. From the toughest terrains and environments or the most remote, Fliite is your mission control for Industry 4.0.


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